Exclude files from Quick File Navigation in VS Code

Quick File Navigation is one of the most used features of Visual Studio Code. When working in a relatively large project, you might be taking extra time to navigate the list to skip files you never intend to open, or worse selecting the wrong file by accident. I've considered this a minor issue in my… Continue reading Exclude files from Quick File Navigation in VS Code

Badge Earned! – Know it. Prove it.

kipi - intelligence badge

As a follow up to my previous post about the Microsoft Know it. Prove it. Challenge, I'm happy to report I have completed the challenge and earned the badge. This challenge was constructed well and does an excellent job of covering the potential Azure has for machine learning, cognitive services and big data. It was… Continue reading Badge Earned! – Know it. Prove it.

Challenge Accepted! – Know it. Prove It.

Know it. Prove it. Home Page

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), you’ve probably heard of the Know it. Prove it. challenge that invites creators to accept a timed challenge to learn more about a particular topic in tech (e.g Game Development, Xamarin, Web, Azure). As you’d expect, MVA is the basis of the learning material used for these… Continue reading Challenge Accepted! – Know it. Prove It.