Swift on Windows

I’m working with Swift again and decided this time I want to have some fun running Swift across platforms (macOS, Linux, and Windows). Windows is where always have the most doubt, so naturally, that’s where I started.

The good news is that tonight I was able to get the Swift toolchain setup to run the REPL and easily compile a project with the CLI. However, there are some issues to work around with the latest version (5.7).

You should know that you can use Python 3.10, even though the documentation states you should use 3.7.

It seems like using run command on a single Swift file is not supported, or a bug is preventing it in this release. So far, the only way I can compile/run is via a full project.

The REPL will probably not work after installation. This is a known issue and a workaround has been provided thanks to honzaskypala on GitHub.

I’ll be trying this on Linux next. 🙂

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Take care.
Stay awesome.

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