Review: Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS

In my last post, I mentioned an upcoming review for the 4th edition of “Responsive Web Design with HTML5 & CSS” by Ben Frain and published by Packt, and I’m happy to say I’ve had the chance to read through it, and here are my thoughts on it.

First, you should know that I went into this hoping the author would have plenty of coverage on CSS Grid, and it didn’t disappoint! Most of the book was a review of topics I’m well versed in, but in the code bases I’ve worked on, I’ve only had limited exposure to CSS Grid.

If that’s a topic you’re interested in, this is a great resource to learn more. Of course, there’s also a chapter dedicated to Flexbox as well.

I’m surprised at just how many topics this book covers. Selectors, typography, filters, masking, SVGs, transitions, transforms, animations, forms, and even some cutting-edge features of CSS like nesting.

If you want a refresher on any of these topics, I recommend considering this book. It will also be great to have as a reference.

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