Let's Talk Career Focus in 2020

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Welcome back to the blog.
Today I want to talk about my career focus for 2020.

So here’s the big news: this year, I’m switching my focus to UI/UX design and iOS development. If you’re interested in knowing more, please keep reading.


I’m a firm believer that technology is not a destination. Engineers often romanticize code itself, and somewhere along the way, forget our purpose. In the same way that musical instruments are tools to help us write songs and tell stories, we should be writing code to help, inspire, and in general, make life better for others with the products we design and develop.

Like everything we do, software should be about people first. There’s no excuse for a product that compromises on design and accessibility. That is why I am focusing on UI/UX this year; I want to get better so that I can help craft the best experiences I possibly can for people.


I’ve been designing and developing web apps at full-stack capacity for years, and while it’s been quite enjoyable, I feel it’s time for a change.

Web development has improved tremendously over the years. Modern browsers stay up-to-date with the latest specs, and these days, I don’t spend much time solving browser-specific issues. Most importantly, there’s less JavaScript framework churn than ever before thanks to React, Vue, and Angular dominating the space.

With that said, for me, I want more consistency and simplicity in the ecosystem I work in. I prefer to work in an environment that is built and maintained by a single company with a vision of how things should work across platforms. I want one place to go for as many things as possible. I like the fact that Apple is responsible for the hardware, language (Swift), OS, SDKs, documentation, tools, etc. I’ve wanted to focus on developing native apps for Apple products for a while now; it’s time to make that happen.

It’s been a few years since I’ve done native iOS development, so my first goal is to obtains a Udacity iOS Development Nanodegree. Throughout the curriculum, I’ll be posting updates on what I’ve learned and what it’s like to work through a Nanodegree program at Udacity.


I believe this will be an exciting year as I move forward with these goals. Stay tuned for updates on my progress throughout the Nanodegree! Are you making any career changes in 2020? If so, please do share them with us!

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