New YouTube Channel – Branding

Welcome, everyone! I have some updates I’m excited to share related to the YouTube channel as well as my other social media outlets.

The first steps of re-branding are complete! The new banner and avatar are now uploaded to all my accounts. Now on to the most critical change: 👉 content!

Let’s talk a bit about the goals I have around social media. While I have been active in several development communities (web and game development), I have not created a connection with my network directly. I do occasional publish posts, but the big picture topic conversations about our industry I’ve not shared publicly and I rarely post videos.

With that said, I’ve decided to take on the challenge of having a more established and consistent content plan for a new (okay, technically re-branded) YouTube channel that’s all about being in the tech industry. In addition to the planned content, I also want to occasionally post some random videos about motivation, vlogs about my projects, and life in general.

I’d like this process to be as open and transparent as possible to get your feedback. What are your thoughts? Do you feel you would want to engage with this type of content? Is there anything else you like me to cover specifically? Let’s talk about it! Join the conversation.

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