Planning My Daily Routine

I’ve been on the same daily routine for some time now. As expected, changes in life, goals, projects and, interests are now demanding change. So, it’s time yet again to plan a new daily routine that will accommodate my life as it stands today.

Let’s talk about goals. Here’s what I hope to accomplish with this new daily routine.

1. Sleep

My sleep schedule has been inconsistent for far too long. I’ve struggled to keep a healthy sleep schedule due to prioritizing almost anything over getting a healthy amount of sleep; always using some reason to stay up all hours of the night and into the morning. The new routine must reverse this trend to prioritize getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

2. Help Others

Previously, I was able to spend 30 minutes to an hour a day helping others with software development related questions on sites like Treehouse, freeCodeCamp, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. My goal is to make this a priority again to ensure I can help others every day.

3. Interests

I love software development, but I want to dedicate more time to other topics as well. I’m currently learning how to read and write Japanese! Beyond learning Japanese, I also want to dedicate time to music, gaming, math, and blogging.

4. Software Development

Of course, there has to be time set aside for continuing practice in software development. My goal is to follow the advice from the book Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) to practice programming every day by doing a daily kata. Katas are simple programming problems to solve. In Clean Coder, Robert uses the example of a Bowling Game as a kata.

5. Learn

I love learning something new every day. I’ve been learning more about areas I’m already familiar with recently. My goal is to branch out to find new areas of interest and dedicate time to learn more about them each day.

6. Read

With the availability of so many audio/video resources, it’s been too long since I’ve dedicated time to enjoy quiet reading. I’ve used audiobooks in an attempt to multi-task knowing that I will not pay attention to the audiobook as I should, however, I do love listening while traveling. I definitely want to dedicate time to reading again.

With all that outlined, here’s the routine I have planned so far:
– Wake up at 6:00 AM
– Help others (via Treehouse, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) for at least 30 minutes
– Study/Practice interest (e.g. Japanese)
– Programming Kata for 1 hour
– Side projects for 1 hour
– [Work + Lunch + Daily walk + Family time]
– Learn something new for an hour at 8:00 PM
– Reading at 9:00 PM
– Sleep at 10:00 PM

Wrap up

I’ll have to try this routine for a few days to find where it needs adjusting, but I believe it will provide the time for me to align with my current goals. I’d love to hear your feedback! What does your daily routine look like, and more importantly, what goals does it help you to achieve?


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