A Journey to Game Development

Whoa, it’s been a long time. This blog has been void of a single post for months. By now, I’m assuming everyone has unfollowed and deleted their bookmark to this page: I don’t blame you.

Where have I been? Why didn’t I publish a “goodbye for now” post before going on such a hiatus? I have no excuse for the latter: I apologize for not being more open about what was going on. Let me answer the first question in some detail.

I’ve struggled with deciding what topic(s) I should blog about. I’ve tried a few different topics, mostly around Web and Mobile app development. These posts did well, but I got the feeling that this is not the content my followers wanted. Originally, I thought this blog would be tutorials or a way to document “gotchas” discovered while using certain tools/frameworks, but I believe followers want something a bit more personal and related to what I’m interested in outside of work.

I believe I’ve discovered the majority of followers are far more interested in Game Development with Unity and Unreal over Web/Mobile development. So, here we are ready to start a new chapter in blogging. I’m dedicating this blog to Game Development starting with Unity. 🙂

The Beginning

So, where do we start? My plan is to start from the very beginning. I want to provide a series of posts to help those who are new to game development, but not new to programming in general. Many find game development very intimidating when coming from web or mobile. I’d like to lower that barrier-to-entry and make it easy to follow along with the series.

What is Unity?

Unity represents several things. It is most notably a cross-platform, 2D/3D game engine made by the company Unity Technologies. Unity also represents a suite of services for advertising, monetization, analytics, and more.

We’re starting with 2D games in Unity because I believe this is a great way to introduce game development. If you have a background in .NET development with C#, you should feel right at home with scripting in Unity because C# is the primary language used.


I want to point out that this is not about engine/graphics programming. Unity is our game engine so we will let it handle the heavy lifting when it comes to physics, graphics, etc. What I’ll focus on are game design and gameplay programming.

The first blog in the series will go through the setup process for Unity and explain the default layout of the editor. We’ll discuss the purpose of each tab/window. After that, we’ll create our first script to make a playable text game to go over the basics of C#.

I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned!

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