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Challenge Accepted! – Know it. Prove It.

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), you’ve probably heard of the Know it. Prove it. challenge that invites creators to accept a timed challenge to learn more about a particular topic in tech (e.g Game Development, Xamarin, Web, Azure).

As you’d expect, MVA is the basis of the learning material used for these challenges. This learning material is absolutely free and of high quality, in my opinion. I’m stoked to get started with a challenge that aligns perfectly with my current role at PointSource: Build Intelligence into Your Apps.

Why am I so excited about it? The challenge explores predictive analytics, analyzing photos with Cognitive Services and walks through building a full example project that predicts flight delays. Oh, and there’s this nifty badge earned for completion.

kipi - intelligence badge


This challenge is designed for developers and contains 3 courses that total around 9 hours duration. You can find details about each course on the challenge page.

  1. Hands-On with Azure Machine Learning
  2. Azure Developer Workshop (Storage, Cognitive, ML, Stream Analytics, Containers, and Docker)
  3. Cortana Intelligence Suite End-to-End

Of course, there are several other challenges available if your interest lies elsewhere. I’m happy to see Microsoft put so much effort into their learning materials. Keep it up, team! I invite you to learn with us and pick up a badge while you’re at it.

List of available challenges


I’d love to know what you’re interested in learning. Will you accept one of these challenges? If so, which one and why? Let me know how your learning journey is going.


Take care

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